5 Tips To Help Increase Productivity.

Hey friends ;) I hope you're having an amazing day, the days are longer, weather is warmer and the sun's shining that way we get to spend the more time outside....Yaaay! I think all of us can truthfully say that been a rough few months, and staying productive and positive has been a bit more challenging. Whether working from home or working less, with the corona virus, things are just not the same. While for the time being this might have become the new normal, it is nice to have some reminders to help us improve in our productivity. As a work from home mom between home schooling, and keeping up with all the extra house work, there are a few things that have been neglected. We'll talk about tat later. Here are a few tips that has been helping me stay on track.

If you've be around for a while, you know I am a firm believer in making to do list's. Not only is checking things off the list the g in the best feeling in the world, but there's nothing better than having that sense of accomplishment. It motivates you to keep going. These 5 helpful tips are in line with that list.

Here are 5 tips to help increase productivity and seize the day.

1. Wake up 30-60 minuets earlier.

Wake up just a little earlier than you normally would. How is this helpful? Not only might it allow you to have a few peaceful moments to yourself, but it will give you the perfect opportunity to get ready for the day without rushing into everything head on. This time could be used to do some reflective, thoughtful reading, exercise, and peacefully enjoying your tea or coffee, and write your to do list if you didn't do it the night before.

2. Make a schedule.

After creating your to do list take a few extra moments to prioritize, and make a schedule for yourself. This will allow you to complete the larger more important things first. Keep in mind that this does not mean it has to be rigid or strict. Just as a basic guide to help you make the most of the day.

3. Time blocking.

This is another key way to maximize that schedule you just created. I know for me this is super helpful, because I try to do everything in a small amount of time which leaves me feeling defeated. So don't do that. Each of the above work hand in hand with each other. As for a timer I do not have a recommendation. However, I would suggest not using the timer on your cell phone..... Because these can sometimes be a distraction. Now go for it! Begin your day.

4. Don't forget about yourself.

To forget about yourself is probably the easiest thing to do. This is the number one thing that I've done during this entire stay at home period. Somewhere in all this craziness I just stop doing the little things. The self-care things that simply made me happy. It got distracted by all the other things I had to get done. So take the time to take care of yourself. Do a face mask, complete your nightly skincare routine, get enough rest, drink lots of water, and make the best possible food choices for you. That way you can avoid being dehydrated, and overtired. Which is never a good combination.

5. Take a break.

Taking a break is just as important as all the others. Not only will this refresh you, but this will give you opportunity to reevaluate, and check the progress to see if the steps we are making so far is to our benefit. Also its good to eat a healthy snack, or go for a walk. Unplug and take a brake from social media. Celebrate your small victories.

As alway I hope you have found the information here useful and practical. These 5 Helpful tips can help increase productivity. And all you need is a little extra time to plan it all out. Now I'm going to be real with you and say that I don't always do this perfectly but when I do it just feel so much better. It is for sure well worth the effort. I'd love to hear any tips that you've personally used or if you've used any of my suggestion please come back and leave a comment below. Go a head Save this post and even share it with someone you think it might help. Also if your aren't doing so already come follow me on my social media platform. Instagram for example is where I share style, life and things that make me happy that are mostly on sale, find me @signedwithatblog.

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