5 Quick & Delicious Midweek Meal Ideas

As I'm sitting at my desk this morning wondering, "What's for dinner?", I thought to myself, "I'm sure there's others who are probably wondering the same thing." The fact is I'm not a food blogger by any means. But I think we all can relate to that feeling of wanting to eat well for the week (balanced, healthy and delicious) without spending too much time in the kitchen or in the grocery store. At the same time, wanting everyone to be happy with what's on the menu. Having picky eaters doesn't help.

For me, it's always the hope that Sunday would be the day I use to prep for the week, and would come up with a meal plan. Also, plan some activities for the kids especially since they are off from school. But as much as I hope for a super productive Sunday, we always end up taking it slow, relaxing, and hanging out with friends. For the most part Sunday mornings are the only mornings we are all home together having breakfast without having to rush out of the house.

So if we're being honest this should be my thought process on Sunday not Monday.

I have found Pinterest to be a life saver over the years. I've found so many delicious recipes that have become part of my regular rotation. You can find me on Pinterest here . One of most favorite boards is happiness on a plate but to make its simple for the summer I've made the board summer night meals. It consists of quick, light and easy meals that my family loves. Most are kid friendly, or you can adjust to make them so. There are also tons of grilling recipes. It is the season right?

example of produce from #mymisfits box

There are a couple of thing's that determine what we eat during the week. First, I get a misfit box delivered on Saturdays. What's that? Misfit market delivers non-GMO, organic produced to your door at 50% off the cost of grocery store's. With the option of two different size boxes, you can try it once or you can subscribe to get it delivered, once weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Get 25% off your first order with the code SIGNEDWITHAT at checkout or through this link here What's in the box? It's a tiny mystery in a way. I kinda like that. But on the website they tell you what they are rescueing this week

Second, we decide as a family. Which is very helpful. I need ideas. We generally choose four or five meal ideas, that can be easily adjusted according to preferences and dietary restrictions.

On my menu this week.

1. Cilantro lime chicken with avocado salsa.

2. Vegan black bean taco stuffed sweet potato.(this is a great meatless Monday option)

3. Fajita chicken burrito bowl

4. Chicken hummus naan wraps.

5. Homemade grilled cheese burgers with a side of Greek salad (simple salad)

This not only saves me time, but money, because we are not eating out. I'd love to hear about any balanced recipes that you or your family are loving. Recipe sharing is fun, let me know below, or send them to me on Pinterest. I love suggestions.. I'm hoping to make this a little series, so it can be as useful as possible. That way we can all prep for the week!

Hope your week is super productive and delicious.

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