5 Easy ways to increase your daily water intake.

With summer comes longer warmer day's that are increasingly busy. In todays wellness Wednesday post we are talking about importance for all of us to make sure we stay hydrated. As humans we are made up of mostly water. By staying hydrated it helps the body function better. The benefits of drinking water are so many. I don't think I can list them all, but today we'll discuss a few that you're probably familiar with.

It has been said that the first sign of dehydration is feeling tired. Drinking water can contribute to having more energy. It helps your body transport nutrients, aids in digestion, helps kidney function, eliminates toxins, improves bowl movements, helps weight control, does amazing things for the skin, reduces water retention (because your hydrated body has no need to hold on to it), and could possible save you money because you'll avoid buying sugary drinks.

The problem is we are all so busy with life and all the things, and sometimes we just forget until we feel thirsty. Or we may not like the actual taste of water. There are so may reasons. One thing I know hinders me from getting enough to drink is sipping on my coffee all morning long. In my mind I'm drinking, but its not nearly enough water. Maybe it's a mom habit. It starts out hot, but we have forgotten about it so many times that its now room temperature/ iced coffee. I'm working really hard to brake that one.

Here are a few tips I've found helpful.

1. Consume before you are thirsty. When I wake up in the morning, I've been trying to implement drinking 16oz of warm lemon water on an empty stomach. (I share this in my insta stories). Which is a great start to the day.

2. Buy (if you don't already have one) a larger bottle, get some ice and take your water to-go. Also when at home have at home a large jar that holds about 32oz of water that I carry about with a metal straw.

3. Fill up on water before each meal. You end up eating less. You'll end unfeeling lighter and less bloated. Yay!!

4. If you don't like the taste, use a water filter, or you could add some fresh or frozen fruit to it. It could be lemon, lime, mint leaves or berries. It's all up to you. There are also electrolyte powders and flavor enhancers to try.

5. Having a hard time remembering? There are tons of apps out there that can help. Simply set a reminder on your watch or phone. Better yet get others involved. Accountability is a great motivator.

There are amazing benefits to be had from drinking water. If your in the market for a water bottle I found these on Amazon; Hydro cell stainless steel water bottle with straw and wide mouth, OMorc sport fruit infuser 32oz, Lets fit sport water bottle 21oz, Build life 1 gallon water bottle There's only one downside to drinking all this water. You know it.....all the potty brakes. But each time you go, remind yourself of all the wonderful things that water is doing for your body.This is my friends is your water Wednesday reminder that self care is the best kind of care. :)

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